Producing Japan: Discovering and Sharing a Culture with the World

For this special series, join an established team of “Japan Producers” in order to explore and discover Japan's unique, untapped potential and resources. Work together to become part of a solution designed to engage Japan’s globally-minded community of professionals, while taking into consideration the nation's long-term development. As a team, we'll pursue how we might go about preserving the past, while at the same time, designing for the future.

*Note that this course is primarily conducted in English.


Everett Kennedy Brown、Nancy Singleton Hachisu、Taku Yamada、Justin Potts
全8回(60分) 毎週火曜日 7:15-8:15

April 15 (Tues) Why are we "Producing" Japan?

講師:Justin Potts

What does it mean to take on the role of a “producer?" When we say “international,” what are we referring to? For this first session we’ll be examining ways to interpret this key terminology and how these definitions can then be applied to our goal of sharing Japan in new and meaningful ways.


April 22 (Tues) The Inherent Strengths of Japanese Culture

講師:Everett Kennedy Brown

A great number of individuals express a passion for wanting to share the wonder and value of Japanese culture with the world, but what exactly are we referring to when we say, “culture,” and how does it apply specifically to Japan? Returning to the roots is where we’ll discover hints as to just what that evasive term, “culture” really refers to and what makes Japan so unique and special when examining the nation through that lens.


May 13 (Tues) How do we Define "Value?" What's a "Concept?"

講師:Justin Potts

In a volatile economy combined with the flood of information contributing to rapidly evolving tastes and trends amongst consumers, how do we establish something with true lasting power? Examining examples from a variety of nations and industries, this session we will be thinking about how we might be able to extract and represent the unique value of Japan rooted in a meaningful concept.


May 17-18 (Sat-Sun) 【Field Work】2-Day Field Work at Brown’s Field

講師:Everett Kennedy Brown

Get an entirely new feel for Japan by spending 2 days and 1 night at Brown’s Field in Chiba together with owner and course instructor Everett Brown and a globally-minded staff with a passion for turning Japan’s local resources and culture into a lifestyle entirely unique to both Japan and the region. Take part in activities focusing on agriculture, food, local development, well-being, culture and lifestyle, and together with the other students and instructors, discuss and discover the potential for further sharing this truly special slice of Japan with world.

1. This field work session will take place over 2 days/1 night on a Saturday and Sunday.
2. Note that costs associated with the Field Work are not included as part of the standard course fee.
3. Due to the nature of the content, a majority of the Field Work content will be carried out in Japanese, however English explanation and/or assistance will be available if needed.
4. Meeting places, transportation, costs, and further details regarding the Field Work will be specified in class.

May 20 (Tues) Making Japan’s Countryside the Destination

講師:Taku Yamada

How do you discover the hidden treasures in a place where the value is lost on those who call that place home? In order to share the true nature and appeal of the Japanese countryside with the world, the ability to generate meaningful communication and cooperation with the locals may be the most invaluable skill of all.


May 27 (Tues) Rediscovering Japan’s Food Culture

講師:Nancy Singleton Hachisu

What does it mean to share a food culture with the world? Join “Japanese Farm Food” author as she shares her experience in communicating the complexity and appeal of a unique food culture with international audiences, sharing personal stories and exploring the inherent value in Japanese cuisine as it exists in its most natural state ? at home.


June 3 (Tues) Group Work and Reflection Session

講師:Justin Potts

Taking time to reflect on previous sessions and the field work experience, this session will be focused on allowing time for group work, critical discussion, idea sharing, and planning in preparation for the course’s final presentation.


June 10 (Tues) Sharing Japan with the World: Final Presentations

講師:Justin Potts

Closing out the course, groups will present their own original concepts and plans for how to "produce" Japan as a unique destination with a specific target user in mind, taking initiative in polishing their products and working with course organizers to (hopefully!) make their projects a reality.

Everett Kennedy Brown

After contributing some of the most captivating photos of Japan to an array of international media outlets for over 20 years, and serving as Tokyo branch director of the European Pressphoto Agency, Everett now acts as an advisor for the Cool Japan board of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Agency of Cultural Affairs, the IBM Corporation, and other entities. He is the author of “Oretachi no Nippon” (Shogakukan), and co-author of, “Ikiteiru dake de Iinjyanai” (Kindaieigasha) with his wife Deko Nakajima, and co-author of “Nihonjinryoku” (Parco Publishing) with Seigo Matsuoka. He is the founder and owner of Brown’s Field, a rural Japan lifestyle retreat located in Isumi, Chiba Prefecture.

Nancy Singleton Hachisu
(Japanese Food Author and Researcher)

A native Californian, Nancy graduated from Stanford University and came to Japan in 1988, where she married organic farmer, Tadaaki Hachisu, and began life on the farm in Kamikawa-machi of Saitama Prefecture. Aside from operating English immersion preschool/after school program, ‘Sunny-Side Up!’, focusing on food and farming, Nancy has also been a Slow Food convivium leader for over a decade and served as a Food Education Leader of Slow Food Japan. Her first book, ‘Japanese Farm Food’ was published in the U.S. in 2012, and after receiving accolades throughout the food world internationally, the book has recently been published in French. A documentary of her work airs periodically on Fuji TV as she is working on her next book, due out in 2014.

Taku Yamada
(CEO of Chura-boshi Co.)

After leaving his job at a foreign consulting firm, Taku spent 2 years traveling across the globe researching international tourism models before settling in Hida Furukawa of Gifu Prefecture. He now serves as the CEO of Chura-boshi Co. where he focuses on utilizing the countryside region’s existing resources in order to develop new models for local tourism. In 2012 his Satoyama Cycling program received the ecotourism award from the Ministry for the Environment, and he recently began the Satoyama Office Project, turning old-fashioned, local “minka” homes into office getaways in the countryside. A yearly overseas adventure is an invaluable part of his design philosophy.

Justin Potts
(International Relations at Umari Inc.)

A Seattle native, Justin received his B.S. in Psychology from Washington St. University and Masters degree in TESOL from Temple University in Tokyo. Following stints in marketing, PR, editorial, project management, and translation, Justin made the transition to the video games industry working as part of Active Gaming Media Co., Ltd. in Osaka where he helped guide the development and launch of the PLAYISM digital distribution platform. He currently works for Umari Inc. where he utilizes restaurant Roppongi Nouen and co-operates the International TERAKOYA while consulting on and designing various regional development initiatives.


Producing Japan: Discovering and Sharing a Culture with the World

講師:Everett Kennedy Brown、Nancy Singleton Hachisu、Taku Yamada、Justin Potts

実施: Umari Inc.

毎週火曜日 7:15-8:15
全8回(60分) 39,000円(税込)